About the Inaugural Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Symposium

UC Berkeley is hosting an Inaugural Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Symposium that will take place on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, from 10am to 4pm at UC Berkeley's International House. This special event will bring together thought leaders from academia, industry and government to frame key challenges and advance new opportunities in life sciences and biotech in the Bay Area.

With a focus on successful entrepreneurship programs and sharing best practices, the Inaugural Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Symposium promises to provide opportunities for participants to:

The Bay Area has long been a world leader in biotechnology and is home to a multitude of industries that have been funded by California or the federal government. With that said, the decline in funding levels for research and the fast growing cost of healthcare throughout the U.S. has become a huge concern.

To this regard, academia, industry, and government are at a crossroad to address the challenges facing life sciences and biotech industries--both short term (next decade) and long term. As research partners, it is proposed that these sectors maximize their interface so as to encourage collaboration that would promote maximum outcome and cost efficiencies. Home to various entrepreneurial endeavors, UC Berkeley will host an all-day symposium for a community of stakeholders to discuss the challenges and potential solutions worth pursuing.

Throughout the day, the Inaugural Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Symposium will feature guest speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session to afford conference participants with opportunities to explore the entrepreneurial world as it relates to the academy, government and industry.

UC Berkeley committee members include staff and faculty from:

Academic, government and industry planning committee members are affiliated with:

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About the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) Program

The VSPA Program strives to: